Fabric Buildings

Equipment Maintenance Buildings

One more common use of fabric buildings is for equipment maintenance. Mine sites, oil and gas operations, construction sites, commercial agriculture businesses, all require a facility to maintain and repair vehicles and equipment. Fabric buildings are common for truck shops, particularly in the mining sector. This keeps equipment close to site and back in the field as quickly as possible.

The steel frame of a fabric covered building is made up of a variety of metal components designed for strength and durability. The steel trusses can be made up of wide flange steel, hollow structural steel, or a combination of the two. These components can then be coated for corrosion protection with a prime paint or galvanizing, and can further be coated with an epoxy paint for additional protection.

Whether it’s strong winds or a heavy load of snow, the durable structure of the steel frame and the strong fabric cladding ensures that it will remain stable and safe to use for many years.

Fabric shelters are made up of a high quality polyethylene or PVC fabric that has the strength to lift an F-150 truck (engine included). This fabric is carefully welded to the highest standards. In the event of a puncture to the fabric, the material is designed to be tear-proof. This means the fabric will not continue to tear at the site of the puncture. A fabric building puncture can easily be repaired with patch tape or by welding on an additional piece of fabric. These properties help ensure that the building can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions.

With fabric that can lift an F-150 and Steel resistant to everything you can throw at it, that means your equipment maintenance structure will be one less thing to worry about.