Fabric Buildings

5 Facts about Clear Span Buildings

There are a number of new building structures that can provide an efficient and economical alternative to metal or wood. These new structures, called Clear Span buildings, can be customized to meet your needs.

What exactly is a Clear Span building?

A Clear Span building is a fabric structure that can be used to develop a variety of facilities, such as warehouses, industrial buildings, storage buildings for equipment, athletic facilities or indoor riding and training areas. These facilities are available in gable, round, hybrid and metal building design sizes that vary from 20’ to 300’ wide. With the ability to be designed in any length, they are a clear alternative for areas that need a structural alternative that is corner-free while maintaining its shape. The term “Clear Span” denotes an unsupported distance free from structural supports, which can be useful when building facilities like greenhouses, aviation-type buildings, athletic buildings, educational facilities and more.

Advantages of Clear Span buildings

Clear Span buildings have a number of advantages. Here are a few facts:

  • Sustainable Building Features

The fabric covers used on Clear Span buildings work to help in reducing the need for internal lighting, enhancing the natural light component throughout the day. These covers also increase energy savings, promotes indoor temperature regulation and holds reflective qualities that work to your benefit. With low maintenance properties that inhibits the inference of moisture or bacteria growth, the overall air quality is increased.

  • Acoustics

No matter how the building is being used, good sound quality is important. These fabric covers aid in the reduction of outside noise, and echoes that are usually prevalent in large building structures. The structural composition of these building help to provide calm, enjoyable environments regardless of the outside elements.

  • Durability

These structures are very durable, made with high quality triple-galvanized structural steel tubing. The fabric coverings are patented with a specialized weave pattern that is strong, yet light in feel. Designed to withstand rust and corrosion, the covers are flame retardant and weather resistant with a 20-year warranty, meeting all snow load and win regulations. These structures are certified to all industry standards, with certifications in design, engineering, manufacturing and other areas that make a difference in the integrity of this product.

  • Customization

Clear Span buildings can be customized to meet any need. To extend the length of life, anchors are available to keep these buildings safely tethered to the ground. These anchors are temporary, saves money, kind to the environments and can be installed quickly. Other customizable features include the doors, which vary in size and scope; lighting, fans, installation of PolyMax boards, and the inclusion of shutters for those locations that need enhanced air ventilation.

  • Spacing and installation

Clear Span buildings have a quick turnaround installation, which is increased with their turnkey buildings. This is due to the avoidance of internal columns and supports, which can inhibit space. These structures maximize space with soaring heights and clearances that accommodate a variety of uses.

Why use a Clear Span building?

With consistent affordability and custom engineering, Clear Span buildings are excellent for providing a structural alternative that will increase energy savings while meeting multiple needs.  With warranties on the covers that last 20 years, and warranties on the frames that span 50 years, this can provide a quick building for start-ups who don’t have the finances to purchase brick and mortar structures.

Uses for Clear Span buildings

The options for a clear span building are endless. Whether putting together an indoor racing area, or constructing an impromptu skating rink, these buildings can be used for almost anyplace that requires a spacious, temperature compliant structure. These buildings have been used for commercial purposes, in industrial settings, for educational institutions, temporary residential facilities, storage, agricultural and equestrian buildings, and for horticulture and greenhouse spaces.

Having access to an alternative that will be able to withstand multiple temperatures without interference from the elements is worth exploring. With the lack of applications on the market to support these needs, Clear Span buildings currently emerge as the leader in this area that can accommodate people, equipment, seating and other items needed to increase productivity in an efficient and customized way. For a spacious enhancement to your organization, clear span is the way.