Fabric Buildings

Bright, airy and quiet

Indoor sporting facilities can be loud.  Large vaulted ceilings echoing with parent’s bellowing out encouragement, sneakers squeaking on wood, competitors jeering their opponents, great big joyful noise.  We have all been to these large buildings where despite all the open space, noise seams to fill and overflow.  Indoor recreation is meant to be bright and loud, thunderous.  An echo distorts noise, makes it difficult for coaches to give feedback and for children to hear and heed their parent’s instructions.  Large sporting arenas hire acoustic engineers to design their soundscapes and to ensure perfect noise absorption.  If an additional engineer and a sound absorption plan is not in your facilities budget, we have a solution for you.

Norseman Structures designed their Shelter Solutions to withstand harsh climate, years of use, and to make their interiors bright, airy, and quiet.  Image Building Systems will work with you to design the perfect indoor recreation facility for your needs.  These fabric structures are the ideal space for a year-round training facility or a practice field.  They have big open floor plans and absorb the perfect amount of noise.

If you’re planning a new indoor recreation or sporting center, give Image Building Systems a call.